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Over 200 years of Bespoke Tailoring


Our shop, situated in the heart of Historic Edinburgh, has changed little over the years - 'Like Stepping Back in Time', our knowledgeable and friendly staff assist our customers and advise when asked, leading to a pleasant shopping experience.



The history of this long established family business can be traced back to 1792 when John Christie traded in what is now called the 'New Town' as a tailor, breeches and livery maker.

The tradition continues to this day with skilled tailors still making clothes on the premises providing City and Country suits, Legal and Academic wear and, of course, Traditional Highland Dress, including our famous Tartan Evening Trousers.



Our Ready Made department specialises in Quality Traditional Suits and Blazers with an extensive range of Scottish Tweed Jackets, Suits, Plus Two's and Four's.  The waterproof Shooting Coat in your own selected tweeds is ideal for our Scottish climate.  Even a genuine Tweed Inverness Cape to add a touch of style.

Smaller items still kept in this traditional outfitters include stiff collars and studs, separate Dress Shirts with Wing Collars, sized Dress Bow Ties, pure Cotton City and Country Shirts, Arm Bands and even Sock Suspenders.  A good selection of hats, caps, deerstalkers and tweed baseball caps help protect you from the Scottish elements.       


Country Wear
Tweed Overcoats
Tweed Shooting Coats
Tweed Inverness Capes
Tweed Hats, Caps and Stalkers
Breathable, Waterproof Jackets (various makes)
Tweed Jackets, including Harris Tweed
Tweed sold by the metre
Heavy Cord Trousers (many colours)
Moleskin Trousers and Plus Two's
Tweed Plus Four's
Wool Flannel Trousers
Wool/Cotton Shirts
Heavy Shooting Socks
Garters and Flashes
Wool Ties
Wellington Boots
Shooting Gloves and Mitts
Sticks and Crooks


City Attire
Pure Wool Suits
Single and Double Breasted Blazers
Lightweight Jackets and Blazers
Cotton Trousers
Cotton Shirts
Silk Ties
Links and Studs
Wool Felt Hats


Highland Dress
Kilts Medium and Heavy Weight
Velvet Doublets
Evening Kilt Jackets
Tweed Day Jackets
Tartan Waistcoats
Tartan Evening Trousers
Kilt Socks
Kilt Shoes
Sporrans and Skeans Dhu
Silk Evening Sashes
Sterling Silver Buttons
Tartan Sold by the Metre


Dress Wear and Legal Wear
Pure Wool Morning Coats
Linen Waistcoats
Evening Tailcoats
Semi Stiff Shirts and Vests
Dinner Suits
Black and White Bow Ties
Black Jackets
Stripe Trousers
Judicial Robes
Modetorial Robes
Q.C. and Bar Gowns
Separate Collar Shirts
Bowler Hats





Stewart Christie & Co Ltd, 63 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4NA    

Telephone no 0131 225 6639

Fax no 0131 220 2397